Friday, May 27, 2016

Spring Baseball

We just finished a great baseball season for both teams ... they were both called the Crushers :)

 Luke on 1st base

 Carter as pitcher

 The little Crushers

 With the McCutcheon boys 

 Fun having all of his grandparents come to a game

 The big Crushers

 Graham's team got to go on the field with the Lipscomb baseball team

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Big Apple

Margie and I planned a spontaneous trip to NYC to go see Hamilton ... it was a quick trip but SOOOOOO fun!!!!!!!
We made it to the city

 Lunch at The Little Beet

 In our seats ready for the show

 We stayed afterwards to get autographs and pics with the cast

 Daveed Diggs!!!

 The view from our hotel

 A jog in Central Park before we left

Oh how my boys would have LOVED to play on this baseball field in Central Park :)

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Early Anniversary Trip

We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary a little early this year at Blackberry Farm.  It's been on our list of places to go for years, and it did not disappoint.  At one point during the trip, I looked at Kevin and asked him "Why are we so happy here?" We decided that being well rested and well fed in God's beautiful creation with really no cares in the world was probably the answer.  The Garden of Eden must have been AMAZING!!!!  

 The grounds were gorgeous

 They even had a kennel with the CUTEST puppies ever!!

 Relaxing by the pool before our massages

Some of our meals:

The night before we left we went to a party benefitting the Faith Family Medical Center ... our table's theme was 80s movie characters

The highlight of the night was when a guy came up to Kevin and asked if he could take his picture and send it to Billy Zabka (he said he's one of his best friends) and then found us later and showed us that Billy responded to his text ... so Billy Zabka has a picture of Kevin dressed as his Johnny Lawrence character - INCREDIBLE!!!!!