Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sea Island

Our boys had a little fall break from school, so we headed to Sea Island with the Collums family for the long weekend to enjoy the beach and one another's company.  It really was an awesome trip - just wish it could have lasted longer!!

 The crew - Simeon (6), Webb (1), Clara (4), Graham (8), Luke (6), and Carter (6)

 A little kayak adventure

 Adult dinner out :)

 I never grow tired of this view

 A little football action at the Beach Club

 And a trip to the candy shop

 Happy kids

 Happy parents

 Before a stroll over to the golf range

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Sometime in February, Kyle sent an email to Courtney, Kevin, and me asking if 2015 was the year for a trip to D.C.  Within minutes we all responded YESSSSS!!!!!  So, we planned an early October trip and had an absolute blast touring our nation's capital.

Strolling along the National Mall

 Checking out the White House

 Got to see Jodie :)

 Fun dinner out!!

 Enjoying a housemade pop tart at Ted's Bulletin

 And later a bomb pop - so patriotic

 Took a trip out to Arlington National Cemetery

 Drinks at the rooftop bar of the W hotel

 Dinner out at Lincoln

A visit to Ford's Theater