Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break - a wedding and the beach

Yahoooo ... spring is here!!!!!!!!  We had an AWESOME spring break.  We started out with family coming to town for a family wedding, and all had a blast being together.  Then my parents took me and my boys plus Walt to Sea Island and Kevin joined us for the second half of the week.  Sunshine and chill time with little to no agenda did my heart good :)

 Tom and Tori

 The Moore/Hutchinson family

 All dressed up

 The kids were fired up to be invited to the wedding

 Some of the boys

 Some of the girls

 Luke got LOTS of snuggle time with Snacks :)

 And then we headed here ... ahhhhh!!!!

 Getting SOOO big ... when i looked at the thumbnail of this pic, I thought it was Graham

 Fun having Walt with us

We spotted a baby alligator, and then later we heard that our next door neighbors found one in their pool - yikes!!
 Putting contests on the 18th green at dusk

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

 Hitting on the range

 A trip to the candy store to celebrate Graham's half birthday ;)

 The movie theater was showing some of the NCAA tournament

 Bet Bet and I took the boys to see replicas of the Pinta and the Nina

 A little fishing on the Cloister dock

 More putting contests

 In pajamas, naturally

 Out for lunch and ice cream

 Luke got nipped by a pelican

 Graham thought it was hilarious but wanted no part of getting close to it

 Hot tub buds :)