Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trip of a lifetime

We have just returned from a trip of a lifetime ... my parents took us, along with my brothers and sisters-in-law, on a boat trip sailing through the Exumas in the Bahamas.  I'm really not sure if I have the words that can capture our trip ... I'll let the pics do the talking:
 "Permission to come aboard?"

 Our first lunch

 Checking out Tiger Woods' boat

Oh, the water!!!!

 Checking out Highborne Cay

 A little paddleboarding

 Heading out on another excursion with David and George

 We took many a dip in the hot tub

 Oh, the food!!!!!

 At pig beach on Staniel Cay

 We saw a rainbow :)

 Dance party!!

 A night time jump off the boat

 On Compass Cay

 At Rachel's Bubble Bath

 We found a starfish on the ocean floor

 A little biking

 Reeling in dinner

 Jake at work


 We swam with these nurse sharks right by our boat

 On Allan Cay

 Iguana island

 Margie was one with the iguanas :)

 Catching another sunset from the beach

 Face timing with the boys :)

 Again, oh ... the water!!!!

Reading time

 Thank you, Mr. Bartender

 "It's just another day without you"

 So, we may have danced A LOT

 Saying our goodbyes (sniff, sniff)

 All the ladies

 What an INCREDIBLE week!!!

 Couldn't be more excited to get home to these guys ... we thought a visit to Sweet CeCe's was needed :)