Monday, November 17, 2014

Micah and Brit's Wedding

Our friends, Micah and Brit, got married in Savannah, GA this past weekend, and a big crew of us from Nashville decided that we MUST leave our kiddos behind and go :)  We even decided that we needed to go a day early and enjoy a night in Charleston.  All I can say is that it was EPIC!!!!  

 We arrived in style, mainly due to Mr. Mac

 Lunch at Leaf

 Drinks at Market Pavilion

 Dinner at Cypress

 The Bar at Husk ... late night

 Lunch the next day at Cru Cafe ... I mean, seriously, all we did was eat and drink

 Dinner in Savannah at Garibaldi Cafe

 Met up with Jackson and Margie :)

 Margie and I agreed to let Marti be our stand in sister for the weekend

 My man is H.O.T.

 Walking around Savannah on Saturday

 Heading out to the wedding

The bride and groom definitely had a blast!!

 The band was incredible

SOOOOOO fun!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Field Trips and Fall Parties

I feel super blessed to be available to go on all my boys' field trips and attend their school parties ... it's definitely helped me not miss them too much during the long school days :)

On the bus to Gentry's Farm ... 

 ... we made it!!

 Picking out pumpkins

 Luke and Carter's sweet class of ALL boys :)

 Graham's class at Owl's Hill

 Luke and Carter got to go on another trip to the Belle Meade log cabin

 Throwing leaves

 Graham's class fall party

 I got to be the mystery reader one day to Graham's class

 Luke at his fall party

It was a fun time!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Another REALLY fun Halloween!!  The weather was quite chilly, but nothing was going to stop these 3 from free candy :)  

  Our costumes this year ... The Hulk (Carter), a knight (Graham), and Green Lantern (Luke)

 We went over to the Madison's for some food and fun before trick or treating

 Let the trick or treating begin ...

 We ran into Walt

 and Jake

Back to the Madison's to thaw, check out their loot, play, and then head home ... what a fun night!!