Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy 7th birthday Graham!!

Graham turned 7 last Friday, and we had a really fun day celebrating him!!  Graham really loves to have fun, and I was excited that we could give that to him on his special day.  There is so much in this precious son of mine that makes my heart swell, and there is also so much that my heart longs for his heart.  My life has changed immensely since he has entered it, and I cannot thank him (and his brothers) enough for the multi-daily opportunities he (and they) gives me to depend on my heavenly Father and refine my character.  I truly do enjoy spending time with him - talking, laughing, reading, and practicing sports with him (his favorite thing to do, for sure).  Can't wait to keep celebrating this kid year after year after year!!

 "I'm 7"

 Breakfast on the red plate

 Lunch at school

 His name on the birthday board

 Playing dodgeball at the park with his buddies

 The ice cream truck came ... 

  ... it was a big hit :)

 So glad Walt and Jake could come

 Tough guys!!

Opening presents

We got Graham a new bike for his birthday :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Girl's Trip to Downtown Memphis

My mom and Katie hosted us for a little girl's trip to downtown Memphis.  Wilson and Katie just finished a fabulous condo in downtown, so we stayed there and walked everywhere.  Lots of great conversation, reading time, yummy food, walking, massages, etc.  We all agree that we really just enjoy being together, so it doesn't matter where we are or what we do.  Extremely thankful for these precious women in my life!!  Until next year ...

 Walking in Memphis ... walking with my feet 10 feet (well, almost) off of Beale

 We took a painting class

 Our finished projects in the window :)

 Walking on the riverfront

Dinner at Flight

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Luke and Carter!!

What a blast we had celebrating Luke and Carter's 5th birthday ... it was basically a 4 day celebration with 3 fun-filled days in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge and then celebrating at school as well.  These two ... where do I even start?!?!  With the amount of time I've spent with them over the past 5 years, you'd think I would've stopped being in awe of their bond by now, but I'm not even close.  The fun they have together makes me so jealous that I'm not a twin!!  I am forever grateful that they have each other to journey along with in life ... I pray so fervently that they will rejoice in each others' successes and be a source of comfort to one another when needed, and to definitely never stop laughing together :)  My love for these two only continues to grow in leaps and bounds!!

 Opening presents

 "We're 5!!!!!"

 Lunch at school

 Their names were on the birthday wall

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


We took the boys to Gatlinburg for Labor Day weekend to celebrate Luke and Carter's 5th birthday (another post on that to come...).  We all had a blast and enjoyed being together after everyone getting back to school.  Here are LOTS of pics:

 At Dollywood

 On the Shooting Star

 River Rampage

 A little break for Dippin Dots

 Lumberjack Lifts

 Checking out the Demolition Derby

 Cartoon time

 We took a little hike in the Smoky Mountains

 Practicing up on their American Ninja Warrior skills

 We hit up the streets of Gatlinburg

 A little circus golf

The Mirror Maze

 We stopped at the Nascar Speedway in Pigeon Forge on our way home

 Carter LOVED the Majestic 300 :)

 Of course, they hit the jackpot and won 1000 tickets AGAIN!!

Luke "bought" these teeth with his tickets ... very fitting :)