Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Bet Bet

If I don't record this story, then I will forget it ... last Tuesday, we were sitting in the carpool line to pick up Graham at school.  I was talking with Luke and Carter and I asked them if they knew who was coming to spend the night with us the next night ... they answered Bet Bet and Snacks.  Then I asked if they knew whose birthday it was the next day ... they both answered Bet Bet.  Then Carter said, "And Snacks"  I told him that no, it wasn't Snacks' birthday, just Bet Bet's.  He gave me a very puzzled look and said, "Oh, I thought they were twins!!"  Love how that adorable little mind thinks :)

 We love you and are so grateful for you, Bet Bet :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We had a glorious Easter weekend with beautiful sunshiny days and egg hunts galore.  So thankful for Christ's sacrifice for us and his resurrection!!!!

 Dyeing Easter eggs

 Seeing the Easter bunny

 At the West End Community Church egg hunt

 Potato sack races

 Egg and spoon race

 Pony rides

 After church on Easter Sunday

 A yummy Easter treat from Pops and Gigi

 Ready for our egg hunt in the backyard

Friday, April 18, 2014

Grandparents Day and other pics

St. Paul (Graham's school) had Grandparents Day yesterday and our sweet parents made the drive here to celebrate with our big boy - he was SOOO excited and proud to show of his 4 wonderful grandparents ... it really was such a fun day!!!!

 In Graham's classroom - he lost his other top front tooth this week - his toothless smile is hilarious :)
They all stayed to watch Graham's baseball game before hitting the road home to Memphis

 2 cool guys at Martin's BBQ

 Luke at the Vandy baseball game

Masters Sunday!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Play Ball

The boys had their first games today of their spring sports and it's the first time that we have 2 different teams/sports going on at the same time.  Of course Graham's baseball game was at 11:15 and Luke and Carter's soccer game was at 11:30, so we had to divide and conquer ... especially since Kevin is coaching Graham's baseball team and I'm helping coach L&C's soccer team.  Anyway, it was a really fun a.m. - our boys definitely LOVE sports :)