Monday, March 31, 2014

Fun Times

We've had some fun times around here lately ... SOOOOOO excited spring is here :)

 Celebrating Evie's 7th birthday

 Taking a little ride

 A very quick visit to Memphis - love building Lincoln Logs with Snacks

 A trip to Gibson's Donuts with Bet Bet

 Vandy baseball game

Running the bases!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break in Lake Geneva, WI

We went up to Lake Geneva, WI with our dear friends, the McCutcheon family for spring break ... it was a BLAST!!!!  A very cute little town and definitely a winter wonderland for us all.  It was really fun to all spend time together and we kept busy with activities that were all loads of fun.  Here are a bunch of pics:

 Getting dressed warmly

 We made it to Alpine Valley

 Ready to hit the slopes

 Carter riding the magic carpet

 We got to hit the slopes while the boys were in ski school ... you can see them in the background

Luke was excited to ride the chair lift with me :)

We did end up in the ER  - Graham knocked his head on the corner of a wooden chair in our condo :(
Cartoon time

We hit up the basketball court

Out for ice cream

On frozen Lake Geneva
There were cars and and even a four wheeler out there - crazy!!!
Dinner at the indoor water park

 Arcade time

 Carrie and I went out for drinks one night ;)

Sledding on the golf course

Skiing a second day

The whole group on our last night ... is it just me or do the boys look exhausted?!?!