Monday, November 18, 2013

Dores Weekend

We spent last weekend celebrating the Dores with a Vandy basketball game on Friday night and a football game on Saturday.  We had a great time and saw 2 victories!!  I can tell our boys are really going to enjoy spectating Vandy sports throughout the years which makes a VERY happy Daddy :)

 At the basketball game with Pops and Gigi

 Tailgating with some friends

 Graham and Jake

 Snacks got Graham onto the field for kick-off ... soooo fun!!

Happy Luke :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Alabama Game

Kevin and I went down to Tuscaloosa for the weekend for the Alabama vs. LSU game.  It was so nice to have a super low key weekend away from the boys ... thanks SOOOOO much Pops and Gigi for keeping them :)  And thanks to Bet Bet and Snacks for setting us up with tickets and a sweet place to stay ;)  And of course, it was even better that Alabama won!!

 Loved hanging out with college friends ... Matt/Emily and Robin/Todd

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween X 2

 Boy, did our boys get lucky this year ... they got to go trick or treating not only once but twice!!!  The threatening storms caused some neighborhoods to postpone trick or treating until Friday, but we got a break in the weather and made it out to Nichol Lane on Thursday AND went to Belle Meade Links on Friday.  All 3 had a BLAST and consumed quite a lot of candy :)  Until next year ...

 We ran into Jackson's family on Nichol ... Evie was at a house getting some candy

 Graham, The Hulk

 Luke, The Superhero

 Carter, The Pirate

 The Allens joined us on Friday night ... and we had a couple of costume changes :)

 Graham remained The Hulk

 Luke changed into "Batman"

 And Carter was the Superhero

 His cast was a good resting spot for his bucket!!

 Checking out some candy