Saturday, April 27, 2013

Date with Luke

And now it was Luke's turn :)  He had such a big smile on his face when I showed up early at school to get "just him" We did pretty much the same as I did with Carter ... lunch, Target, and out for ice cream. It was really fun having Luke as my little buddy, and as I was reflecting on it with Kevin later that night I told him that I always knew Luke was a talker, but boy, is this guy a little chatty Cathy when there's no one around to compete for conversation time.  I don't think he stopped talking once the whole time we were out!!  I also realized that this precious boy loves reassurance ... he finishes almost all of his statements or questions with "right, Mommy?"  He definitely finds security in letting Carter (and sometimes Graham) make decisions for him.  It's always so great to get one-on-one time ... Kevin is going to take the month of May to take all 3 out individually to play golf and eat dinner.  Here's to LOTS of more hot dates with you in the future, Lukey Monster!!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chicago Girls Trip

My mom took my sisters-in-law and me to Chicago for a 3 day girls trip, and boy did we live it up!!  We were PITIFUL about taking pictures ... I guess we were just having too much fun to get our cameras out.  We spent most of our time shopping and eating and did quite some damage in both areas :)  We thoroughly enjoyed a spa afternoon and also got a real treat to visit my parents across the street neighbors in Sea Island, the Heagy's, beautiful home in Hyde Park/Kenwood ... they live on the same street as Obama!!  It was incredible to sleep in, relaxing not to be on a "schedule," and refreshing as always to spend time with the women I love most!!  Kevin and the boys had a great time at home but all were happy to have me return today (as was I).  Thanks for an amazing trip, Mom, and happy birthday!!!!!!!
 A great jogging trail on the lake with a magnificent skyline view

 Out on the town

 Lunch at RL

Celebrating the birthday girl at RPM Italian Kitchen ... yummy!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Date with Carter

I've been saying all school year that I'm going to have a date with Luke and Carter separately, so I finally got Carter today at school at 11:30.  We had lunch, went to Target, and then to Sweet CeCe's :)  It was really fun being with just him and so much easier to do stuff, I might add!!  We'll see how Luke handled Carter being gone when we go pick him up in 15 minutes ... looking forward to my date with him in the coming weeks.  So blessed to have my precious boys!!!!!!

Captain America at Target