Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!

We had a very fun, low-key Easter weekend.  So thankful for Jesus' sacrifice for us to save us from our sins ... He knows how badly we need it!!

 After church Easter morning

 Making some Easter eggs

 Our finished products

 At the West End Community Church egg hunt

 Graham's basket was overflowing

 Carter's first pony ride

 Luke wasn't sure at first but then loved it :)

 Making resurrection rolls

 Easter Egg hunt inside due to rain

 Ready, set, go

Checking out their loot

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break

Graham's school had spring break last week and L&C's school has it this week, so we went to Sea Island last Tuesday and came home yesterday (to the snow, i might add).  My parents were there and we overlapped with Jackson's family for a few days ... and of course we all had a great time.  We had some rain and some chilly days but also a good amount of sunshine and as usual plenty of hot tub time!!  

 I don't know how they could stand the water ... it was FREEZING!!

 A little golf with Snacks

 S'mores at the Lodge

 L&C keeping Bet Bet warm

 The pic doesn't do the sunset justice

 I definitely have 3 little fishies


 Bet Bet played A LOT of games of Sorry

And finally, I have to show off Margie's incredible talent at the Etch-a-Sketch.  Carter asked her to draw Woody from Toy Story.  She is sooo good and always provides us lots of laughs with her "drawings" 

Monday, March 4, 2013


We took a quick little trip to Chattanooga this past weekend and all had a lot of fun!!  We didn't end up in the ER like last year, so with that said, it was definitely a successful trip :)

 Enjoying the dinosaurs at the Creative Discovery Children's Museum

 Carter in a honeycomb

 Luke loving Graham using a pulley to lift him

 This was Graham's favorite - he loved running in circles and dancing to see what his body would do on the screen

 Awaiting the "Great Balls of Fire" science show

 Graham got to be a volunteer scientist :)

 An ice cream break

 We went over to the Piersants house for dinner and had a blast with them!!

 Cartoon time Sunday a.m.  All piling in one hotel room wasn't too bad, but I'm glad we decided to do it just one night

 In the elevator down to the pool ... I thought the camera was supposed to ADD 10 lbs ... my boys look so skinny!!

Everyone loved a morning swim