Friday, August 31, 2012

Vandy Game

We took the boys to the first half of the Vandy game last night, and we all had a blast except for the loss ... even the rain wasn't too bad.  This is our 4th year in a row for all 5 of us to go to a game, and it was by far the easiest and most fun time!!  Luke LOVED spotting Mr. Commodore from across the field, and they all really sat or stood pretty still to watch the game.  I have a feeling these 3 are going to be some big-time Vandy fans!!!!

 Enjoying a sno-cone before the game

 A little rain couldn't keep this guy down

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

L&C's 1st Day of School

Seriously, how is it possible that my babies are in the Young 3s class?!?!?!  So many people lately have  been telling me how big/old they seem (sniff, sniff).  They had absolutely no qualms about going into the new class with new teachers ... i guess it helps that they have each other!!   They LOVE their backpacks (until now, I have packed their stuff in the same bag and same lunch box) and have been wearing them around the house saying that they are going to school.  Looking forward to another great year at Woodmont Baptist!!

 Best Buds :)

 Luke went straight to the Play-Doh

And Carter found the puzzles

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Robin's Visit and 1st Baseball Game

What a fun filled and busy week we just finished!!!  Graham had his first full week of school ... he loved it and it must have exhausted him because we definitely had some moments in the afternoons :)  My college roommate, Robin, and her girls drove up from Birmingham for a visit, and we had a blast with them.  Her almost 4 year old, Anna, could not keep Luke and Carter straight and ended up calling them "the blonde one" and "the darker one"  Our kiddos got along great and I hope we have many more playtimes together!!

 All 5 of them together at Cheekwood

 Watching Graham drive away for school on Fri. a.m.  Anna is wearing her princess crown and Carter has on his "Ninja crown"

 Anna could easily pass as their sister :)

Graham is playing baseball this fall and had his first game on Saturday.  Kevin is the team's head coach and it has been a great start!!  

 Graham, Braden, and Mac

 Kevin is pitching in the background ... and of course, Graham wanted to be #7 just like his Daddy

Hot and sweaty little boys!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boys + Mud = A Good Time

We took the boys to the Warner Nature Center yesterday morning ... I had heard about the mud pile, so thankfully I came prepared and told them to get as muddy as they wanted, and boy, did they :)  It really was a blast ... I think they could have stayed there another hour.  

 Graham loved pouring water to make a "slide"

 L&C going down the "slide"

 With their friend Mason (he has twin brother, Henry, and they are 2 weeks younger than L&C)

 We got all cleaned up and took a little hike through the trails ... what a fun morning!!

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago when we went to Dore Jam ... we're all excited about the upcoming Vandy football season :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Graham's 1st Day of School

Graham began a new chapter in his life today ... he has started "real" school.  Today was his first day of Jr. Kindergarden at St. Paul.  He came in our room this a.m. a little after 7 all dressed and ready in his uniform and was very excited to head out to see his new classroom and meet his new friends.  I can't believe he's gotten so old, and esp. that I'm about to begin this new phase of life where I'm probably about to spend more time away from him than I am with him.  Since it was just a half day, we picked him up and then went across the street to Kevin's office to get him and all 5 of us enjoyed a lunch out at Five Guys.  Graham was happy and talked mostly about his time at P.E. and out on the playground :) I pray that this will be a great year for him!!

 He didn't waste any time and started playing immediately

 With his teacher, Mrs. Cooke

 Eating breakfast on the red plate

Showing off his cool new backpack

Monday, August 13, 2012

Separate Weekend Getaways

Kevin and I just returned from separate weekend getaways.  I met up with my parents and both brothers' families for a weekend at the lake, and Kevin and his sisters took their dad to Chicago to celebrate his 70th birthday.  Both trips were short but sweet and great memories were definitely made!!

Just hanging out on the boat house roof :)

 Jake, Wils, and Graham ready for a wild ride!!!

 Say Cheeeeese

 Loving a sea-doo ride with Bet Bet

 Luke loved jumping in the lake from the dock

 Dinner time
 At the Cubs game

Out to dinner at Table 52