Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What we've been up to

I can't believe we're already a full month into summer.  We've been having a ball and finding ways to stay cool.  We've been swimming at least 2-3 times a week, but I haven't taken my camera out to Richland yet.  Here are some pics of my boys enjoying the summer heat!!

 You can find us doing this most afternoons in our back yard

 At Cheekwood ... their new Treehouses exhibit is awesome

 At a Nashville Sounds baseball game

 The only place they wanted to be at the park since it's so hot

And yes, even when I thought it wasn't possible, Luke's hair is actually getting blonder :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

I can't help but laugh ...

... at how I find Luke and Carter when I go check on them at night before I go to bed.  They sure do like to par-tay in their room at night :)  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves ... all I can say is THEY ARE A MESS!!!!!!!!!

 What is wrong with them?!?!?!

Seriously, how are they comfortable?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life at the Beach

We just returned from 12 days at the beach with the Moore extended family.  I'm afraid my boys are going to go into some serious cousin withdrawal.  I asked Graham last night if he was sad to leave Sea Island, and he told me yes because he wouldn't get to see Wils anymore, and then today (after we'd only been home for 2.5 hours) Graham asked if we could go to Jake's house ... when I told him no, he asked if Jake could come to our house :)  And Luke, Carter, and Brantley were like the 3 Amigos this trip!!!  I am so grateful that my boys have LOTS of boy cousins and that they love to be around them.  We had a great week, and I'm hoping that our reentry to the real world won't be too bad.

 Luke, Carter, and Brantley enjoying the waves

 Graham, Wils, and Jake

 Saying the Pledge of Allegiance before the Moore Cup

 2 cuties in baseball caps

 Loving the fountains at the beach club

 We had one rainy day, so we went to the bowling alley