Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And I thought this was bad

Remember a couple of months ago when I found Luke and Carter like this in their room?!?!

Well, now look where I found them this week
The top shelf of their closet was the only place I actually had some stuff still in their room ... not anymore :)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Half Birthday, take 2

And now it was Graham's turn to celebrate his half birthday ... and I must say, he was pretty excited about it. I guess the half cupcake thing wasn't too appealing to him because he requested that we go to Sweet CeCe's :) I even overheard him talking to L&C on Sunday a.m. about his "birthday party tomorrow." Anyway, he got to eat dinner on the special red plate and we all got to go out for ice cream. I've really loved age 4 with Graham ... he has been so enjoyable and easy and just fun to be around. He's at such a great stage where he's independent enough that I don't have to do everything for him, but still little enough that he lets me hold him, kiss him, hug him, and he wants to be with me. He truly is a special little boy and I am SO grateful that he's mine :)
Graham, you are special EVERYDAY!!!!

Everyone enjoying some good ole Sweet CeCe's

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fun Family Visitors

While Kevin went to Vegas we were very fortunate to have some out of town visitors. My parents were at a convention at Opryland and then stayed an extra 2 days at my house. Katie and her boys were on spring break and came to Nashville for a couple of days mid-week. My boys loved having some fun cousin play time and also thoroughly enjoyed being spoiled by Bet Bet and Snacks ... and let's be serious, I really enjoyed being spoiled by Bet Bet and Snacks :) Thanks for coming for a visit ... it always does our souls well to be with you!!
Carter and Snacks in matching Woody hats :)

Story time with Bet Bet

I took Wils and Brantley to Graham's school for lunch ... his smile when he saw them was priceless :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Madness has begun!!!

Kevin turns into a little boy on Christmas morning every March ... especially on Selection Sunday. He is so giddy right now!!! And it helps that Vandy won the SEC championship today and got a #5 seed in the NCAA tourney. He's heading out for a guy's trip to Vegas on Wednesday and will be watching an ungodly amount of basketball. Graham has turned into a pretty hardcore Vandy fan, too. He told me tonight as I was putting him to bed that John Jenkins is his favorite Vandy player and that Jeffrey Taylor is his second favorite :) GO DORES!!!!!!!!!

Luke is excited that Memphis made the tourney too!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Silly Boys

I went to check on Luke and Carter before I went to bed last night and this is how I found them :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Half Birthday

Luke and Carter are officially 2 1/2 today!! We all celebrated after dinner by eating a half of a cupcake :) Graham knows that he will be 4 1/2 soon, and after the cupcakes he asked if we could celebrate his half birthday, too!! Life with two 2-year-olds is a bit interesting ... i could definitely do without a double dose of the tantrums, but one of my favorite things about 2 year olds is what comes out of their mouths and with having twins, it's so fun to listen in on their conversations with each other. Yesterday, Luke and I went into get Carter up from his nap and Luke bent down low and got in Carter's face and said, "Hey Baby, take a good nap?" As much as they exhaust me, I just love that they are still so stinking cute!!!

Carter looks so concerned that Luke's cupcake fell over