Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Graham!!

My little boy turned 4 today!!!! He had a birthday party at Monkey Joe's yesterday, a birthday breakfast at Pancake Pantry with Bet Bet, cupcakes at school, a trip to Sweet CeCe's with Daddy, and then even more cake tonight at home ... can we say sugar-overload. As I'm typing this, he just came out of his room to tell me that his belly hurts :) I think he may go into depression tomorrow when he finds out that it's 364 (no 365 ... it's leap year) days until his next birthday. I do believe that he felt VERY special today ... and that's exactly what he is. Graham, I love your energy and zest for life. Your endurance and the way you face challenges inspires me ... I feel like I can learn a lot from you in this area. I love your excitement and your pure joy!! I love how much fun you and your brothers have together ... oh, how I pray that y'all will continue to stay close. I love that you still hold my hand and let me hold, hug, and kiss you on a multi-daily basis. Thank you for being my initial partner in this journey of motherhood that I'm trying so desperately to do well and love you with Jesus's love. Thank you for your grace and forgiveness as I know I fail daily. I love you, my precious Graham, with all that is within me and am so excited to continue to watch you grow and know that I feel forever blessed to be your mommy.

With Monkey Joe (aka Tom)

Counting tickets with Jake and Evie

My boys with Bet Bet and Snacks

Graham had a special sleepover with Jake and Evie and Margie took them to Toys R Us to pick out his b'day present :)

Our present to him was a new Buzz bike!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


School is back!!!!!!!!!!! All 3 boys had their first day of school yesterday and everyone had a great day :) We had a whole lot of togetherness during the month of August, so I think everyone (including me ... ok let's get serious, especially me) enjoyed some time away. I am very thankful for Woodmont Baptist and the incredible staff that love my boys and teach them about Jesus.

Heading out for PreK-1

Luke was excited for the Young 2s class

Not sure what Carter's face is all about

Ready for school

Luke and Carter in their new class

Graham is so big ... I can't believe he's almost 4

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Luke and Carter are 2

My baby boys are 2 years old which is so hard to believe. Jackson and kids, Tom, and our next door neighbors came over last night for dinner and cake, then today Kevin and I took all the boys out to lunch and for cupcakes, then finished the night out at the 9th grade MBA football game ... all in all, I think they had a great birthday!! I kept asking them today how old they were and they said "2" with BIG smiles. I feel so blessed to have spent almost every day with them over the past two years. Luke, I love your huge smile and that you are such a lover and give great big hugs. Your laugh is one of my most favorite sounds on the planet. And Carter, I love your inquisitive nature and how you love figuring things out. Your mischievous little smile brightens my day and oh how I love your tight squeezes. You boys truly do seem to love each other and love being together and laughing together ... I am over the moon for your tight bond and can't wait to continue to watch it grow. I love you both with a mighty love!!

Unsure about the cake and the singing

Carter dug right in

Luke was unsure ... he never even took a bite

Opening presents ... Graham's b'day present to them was sleeping until 8:30 (unheard of), so Kevin and I got some special time with just them this a.m.

Graham awoke and jumped right in ... imagine that :)

Lunch at 5 Guys

At the Painted Cupcake

At the football game ... I love how Carter is looking at Luke