Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

WOW!!!! We had an INCREDIBLE Christmas!! It was our first time to stay home and wake up in our own home on Christmas morning. Graham came into our room at 7 and told us that Santa ate his cookies and left a scooter, tent, and shopping cart. He was SO excited and it was SO fun to watch him. Luke and Carter were clueless but had lots of fun playing with new toys. We all stayed in our jammies pretty much all day and only got out once a little before 5 to go look at some Christmas lights. Oh, and we had a white Christmas ... it couldn't have been much more perfect :)
Happy Birthday Jesus ... yes, he got both baby Jesus'

Loving the new toys

Luke eating some cereal

Carter LOVES his new tunnel

All 3 boys love the new trampoline from Bet Bet and Snacks

Graham and Kevin had fun in the snow

Christmas with Pops and Gigi earlier this week

Friday, December 17, 2010

Jesus, a twin?!?!?

Graham has been playing with our nativity scene nonstop since we put it out ... don't laugh if you come over and see that I have brought it back down from the attic in July!! I always find the pieces in very interesting places, and sometimes I'll stand back and listen ... I've heard, "Hi, I'm Jesus. I'm going to climb the ladder." and "Hey, little sheep I'm going to throw you on the roof." It's quite entertaining!! Earlier this week, I found that he had gotten the other baby Jesus from our other nativity scene and added it to the big one. I guess his sweet little brain thinks that 2 babies is normal. I often wonder how different Graham's life would be if he had just gotten one sibling instead of twins. I feel like he was a bit forced to grow up a little faster than his peers ... I had so little time to "baby" him since I had 2 true babies to care for. And I'm probably creating him to be a homebody since we spend A LOT of time at home because it's just hard to go out with 3 small kids alone. I also wonder what the dynamics of their relationships will be as they all grow older. Will Graham be just as close to the twins as any brothers 23 months apart or will it be different because Luke and Carter have a special bond as twins? Anyway, enough deep thoughts ... hope everyone out there is enjoying the true meaning of Christmas - the birth of our Savior. Graham can't wait to celebrate Jesus's birthday and have cupcakes and open presents for him because "he's too little to open presents, Mommy, he's just a baby" :)
Apparently, Graham thinks Jesus must have been a twin :)

I find him like this daily

Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day

We got about 3 inches of snow yesterday and Graham has loved playing in it ... well, as long as he doesn't fall in it :) It truly looks like a winter wonderland around here!!

We went out and made a little snowman

"Hey, we want to go out, too!!"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mean Mommy

I subjected my children (Luke and Carter) not only once but TWICE to crying today ... and I'm not talking a few tears, it was full-on wailing :( The first time was necessary and for their continued good health. Their 15 month check-up went well ... skinny boy Carter has moved up to the 8th percentile for weight (he was a whopping 20 lbs. 10 oz). Luke weighed in at 24 lbs. 3 oz. and measured just half an inch longer than Carter. Most people comment on how they look the same size, but I always tell them to pick them up and then they can really tell the difference. We had my favorite nurse today (she's a grandmother to 19 month old twin girls) and she commented on how blessed we are to have such healthy twins. I truly am SO grateful for ALL of my boys' great health!! On to crying take 2 ... now this one was a rite of passage. We went to the mall to see Santa. Graham was excited and had a smile on his face the whole time ... Luke and Carter, not so much. Santa was cute and stood up to tell me after I paid (yes, to make matters worse I paid $16 to make my kids cry) that as he was talking to Graham asking him what he wanted for Christmas, he was being a little shy but when he asked what Luke and Carter wanted, Graham got very animated and shouted, "nothing." I'll try to be nicer to the boys tomorrow :)

I guess I need Santa in all of my pictures from now on, so that I can capture a real smile from Graham

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Nephew

I've got yet ANOTHER new nephew!!! Jackson and Margie had a precious baby boy on Sunday night ... Walt William Moore, 8 lbs. 12 oz. (they think ... apparently the scale was off, so they're not exactly sure) and 20 in. I remember thinking how excited I was to find out he was a boy in June because Graham is OBSESSED with Jake and now hopefully Walt will LOVE Luke and Carter in the same way. So fun that my boys have SO many boy cousins!!!