Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy 7th Anniversary

Kevin and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday ... it blows my mind to think of all that has transpired in the past 7 years. We watched our wedding video with Graham last night ... he seemed a bit confused on who some people were because everyone looked SO young!! We took our first kid-less trip last weekend to Greenwood, MS and stayed at The Alluvian. After dropping the kids in Memphis (my parents kept the twins and Kevin's parents kept Graham), I asked Kevin on our road trip down to MS what he wanted most from this weekend getaway. He responded that he wanted to eat well and sleep A LOT ... we definitely accomplished both!! We ate at Iris in Memphis on Thur. night for dinner, The Hollywood in Tunica for lunch on Fri, Giardina's in Greenwood for dinner, The Crystal Grill for lunch on Sat, and then we took a cooking class at The Viking Cooking School and cooked our own scrumptous dinner Sat. night. We also got massages at the Alluvian spa on Sat :) We had such a sweet time being together - talking, laughing, and just being us again. I love our 3 boys like crazy and all the joy they bring, but first and foremost I love my man and am utterly grateful for the relationship we have. Hope we have another 60+ years!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy 30th to me and Happy Father's Day

WOW!!! What a weekend we had!! I turned the big 3-0 on Friday, and Kevin treated me right. He took Graham and me out to lunch and then came home early from work, so that Margie could take me out for a birthday pedicure. I returned home to find his parents at our house (a total surprise) and they kept Luke and Carter while Jackson and Margie let Graham spend the night, so that Kevin and I could stay at a hotel and sleep in ... pure heaven!!! Pops and Gigi stayed the whole weekend and we had so much fun playing with them and going out to some good meals ... we joked that our kids ate out more in 3 days than in the past 6 months ... oh what you can do when you have extra hands around :) It truly was such a great weekend full of celebration!!
The Geshke men

Saturday, June 12, 2010

ER Visit, take 2

Yes, this is already our second visit to the ER and Graham is still only 2 years old AND we're only on boy #1 here. With 3 boys, I'm afraid I may come to know the ER staff at Vanderbilt on a first name basis :) Graham had just woken up from his nap, and I brought Luke and Carter into his room and we were all playing around in there. Graham opened up the little door under his window seat (on Carter's toes I might add) then walked over towards his bed and when he came back he tripped and fell smack on his face on the corner of the open door. He cried pretty hard right when it happened but calmed down quickly and then was so brave throughout the rest of the process. Thankfully Kevin was on his way home and he took Graham straight to Vandy while I stayed and waited for a babysitter to come stay with the twins, so I could go be with my boy. We hardly waited at all and they put some numbing cream on it then we had to wait 45 min. for that to settle in. They gave Graham a nose spray medicine to relax him and it made him so loopy ... he looked at Kevin and said, "Daddy, you have 2 heads." The doctor gave him 3 stitches and we were on our way home. We let him have his paci all afternoon and went out for a cupcake, so all in all, I think Graham had a pretty great afternoon ... not to mention the drugs!!

Such a brave boy!!

Does this pose look familiar - http://geshke.blogspot.com/2008/10/we-survived-er.html

Thursday, June 10, 2010


My sweet husband pulled off a sweet little early 3oth birthday luncheon with my sweet friends for me today. He obviously knows me so well because he had it planned out so perfectly. About a month ago, I told him that I did not want him to throw me a surprise party ... I just didn't want all of our friends to have to get babysitters and have a big night out. So, he planned this party at Richland on a Thursday while they have childcare, so my friends just had to drop their kids off downstairs. Oh, and even better for me, he came home and kept our 3, so I didn't have to lug them all there ... it truly was a very freeing feeling just up and leaving and getting to go out to lunch. I see these girls ALL the time, but we almost ALWAYS have our kids with us, so it was nice to be dressed up, have a leisurely lunch, and have uninterupted conversations. Oh, and another thing that made this so wonderful was that within 10 minutes of me getting home I got to put all 3 boys down for their naps :) It has been a very sweet day, and I have felt very loved by my husband for putting this together and my friends for making the time and effort to be with me. God is so good to me for putting these Godly women in my life to raise kids (mostly boys) together AND especially for the amazing husband he has given me to be my true companion in life. Thanks Kev - I love you more than words can express!!
Margie, Emily, Stacey, me, Courtney, Devon, and Katherine ... we missed you Marti and Lauren

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sea Island a.k.a "The Island"

We just returned from a FABULOUS week at the beach!!! Luke and Carter LOVED the pool and hot tub and seemed to enjoy the beach well ... they did eat quite a bit of sand, though. I'm pretty sure that my parents house in Sea Island (or The Island as Graham calls it) is Graham's version of heaven. There is a pool and hot tub in the backyard as well as the 18th green of an awesome golf course AND the beach is just beyond the green ... oh, and to top it all off, there is a driving range about 15 yards from the front door ... he was out there twice a day :) He also got to play non-stop with his cousins. I'm afraid he is going to be in major golf/playmate withdrawal now that we're back. Thanks to Snacks and Bet Bet for making our trip SO incredible!!
Luke and Carter's first time in the sand

Lunch time

2 cuties in the baby pool

Graham LOVED jumping in the pool

Cute cousins