Friday, June 19, 2009


I feel like I lead a pretty low-key life with little drama, but this week has been a bit different. My son has decided to be a little monkey crawling out of his crib constantly ... he not only also figured out how to open his door, he figured how to unlock it, too. BUT, I outsmarted him by taking off the doorknob and switching it, so that the lock is now on the outside and I can lock him in there :) All week long we have found him either asleep on the floor or in the chair in his room ... he is one crazy boy. We will be moving him to a big boy bed VERY soon. I also had another ultrasound this week that went well (baby A measured 2 lbs. and B measured 1 lb. 13 oz). My doctor's visit went great, too. And then she called me about an hour after I left to say that my cervical length has shortened 25% in the last 5 weeks and is concerned about our vacation next week :( All that to say, I went back yesterday (yes, on my birthday) to have a fetal fibronectin test (a pre-term labor test) and my results were negative, which is good and my dr. said she is fine with us going on our trip!!!!!!!!! THEN, she tells me that my glucose screening test came back 2 points over the cutoff and I need to go back next week for the 3 hour test. I might as well get a second address at the doctor's office :) I kind of wish I was pregnant 30 yrs. ago ... sometimes ignorance is bliss!! But on the positive side, I have healthy babies, I'm healthy, and I have a dr. who is being careful and looking out for our best interest, so I am VERY thankful.
My sweet babies!!

Kind of a freaky 3D pic ... I know it's hard to see their little faces (baby B's bum was in baby A's face and baby B's leg was in its own face)

Bye-bye crib

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend Trip to Birmingham

We took a little trip down to B'ham to visit family and friends for the weekend ... making the most of our little time left of traveling with only one child :) We stayed with my college roommate, Robin, and her husband Todd (or Toff as Graham called him) and their adorable 8 month old, Anna. Graham LOVED her and playing with her toys, but he wasn't so gentle all the time. I have a feeling these twins may have some battle wounds early on!! We drove down to Clanton to see my 92 year old grandfather ... it was great seeing him and I know he enjoyed our visit. He is a twin and is very excited that I'm having twins ... he predicts that they are a boy and a girl. We also went to a baby shower for one of Kevin's best friends, Joey, and his wife Beth. And we even got to see Pops and Gigi briefly as they were driving back to Memphis from Destin. It was a very fun filled weekend!!
Graham and Anna

At the pool

PaPa and Graham

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sea Island

We went with my whole family to Sea Island for Memorial Week. It was SO much fun!!! All 5 kids were healthy and happy and loved being together. We took 2 babysitters with us this year, which was the BEST decision ... it was so nice to have extra hands and eyes and took away a lot of stress. Our weather was great and we truly enjoyed relaxing and simply spending time with each other. Thanks Mom and Dad for a WONDERFUL trip. To see more pics from the trip click here:
At the beach club pool

Jake, Evie, Brantley, Wils, and Graham

All the kiddos dressed in white

All the adults out to dinner